Digital Research Forum: IOT in Health

Please note: This event is for BWH employees and those who work within the Partners network.

At January’s Digital Research Forum, Dr. Haipeng Zhang and Dr. Peter Chai will discuss the deployment process and current research of IoT buttons at Brigham in order to capture publicly triggered restroom cleaning requests.

Ubiquitous hospital wireless networks create an opportunity for deployment of just in time notification systems through connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices. One IoT device, an easy, wirelessly-enabled push button (eg. an Amazon Dash button), can seamlessly integrate into existing hospital operations and provide an alternative method delivering just in time notifications while simultaneously logging the occurrence of key hospital tasks. An accompanying web-based interface allows users to program, and monitor the button system.

Zhang and Chai will also describe the use of the IoT button system to generate a digital log of housekeeping actions, and review up to date data on restroom alerts and how these techniques can be translated into other parallel processes within the hospital.


Event Info

Date & Time: 
Wednesday, January 24, 2018 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Zinner Breakout Room, Brigham and Women's Hospital
75 Francis Street