Digital Health Cluster

The Massachusetts Digital Health Cluster

On January 7th, 2016, Governor Charlie Baker announced the launch of the Commonwealth’s Digital Health Initiative, marking the establishment of a public-private partnership to build a stronger and more connected digital health ecosystem across Massachusetts.

Digital Health, or eHealth, is among the fastest growing industry sectors in the country, encompassing products and services that use information technology to improve healthcare delivery, efficiency and quality. According to a 2015 Goldman Sachs research report, digital health represents a $32 billion market over the coming decade. A study from StartUp Health Insights notes that investment in U.S. digital health companies reached a record $7 billion in 2014, highlighting the interest in the market place.

Massachusetts is positioned at the forefront of this growth and has one of the strongest digital health clusters of any state in the U.S., offering unparalleled opportunities for startups and large firms alike.

As part of this initiative, MeHI was designated as the digital health convener for Massachusetts. Through our Cluster website, events, and programs, MeHI engages with key stakeholders to bring together the Commonwealth's strongest assets, including startups, large HIT firms, talent, investors, and healthcare providers, with the aim to accelerate the growth of the Massachusetts digital health ecosystem.

Why Massachusetts?

Massachusetts is a top global destination for digital health because of a unique and powerful combination of factors:

  • A vibrant technology startup ecosystem with access to capital, mentors and professional networks;
  • According to the Startup eHealth Insights report, the Boston region was one of the Top 5 U.S. metro areas
    for venture capital investment in digital health;
  • Top-tier healthcare industry and the highest insurance coverage in the U.S.,
    resulting in a robust customer base for eHealth businesses;
  • Massachusetts is home to the headquarters of 13 of the 100 largest HIT firms in the U.S.,
    offering more anchor firms than any other state;
  • The Commonwealth's academic and research medical centers receive more research funds from NIH than almost all other states; 
  • World-class universities producing top talent across numerous disciplines and sectors;
  • A world-renowned innovation economy with globally-leading Medical Device, Biotechnology, and
    Life Science sectors;
  • A track record of forward-thinking and creative healthcare policies,
    creating new opportunities for healthcare innovation; and
  • Massachusetts has some of the highest Electronic Health Record (EHR) penetration in the country
    a foundational requirement for growth in the digital health sector.



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