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Stakeholder Directory

The Massachusetts Digital Health Cluster is an ecosystem of over 350 health technology companies and startups, academic and research institutions, venture capital firms, investors, startup accelerators, healthcare providers, associations, and policymakers linked geographically to local talent and resources. MeHI compiled this mix of stakeholders into this searchable directory. Click Add my Organization to submit/update your business information.

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Iora Health

101 Tremont Street, 6th Floor
(617) 454-4672


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Iora changes primary care as we know it. They have 34 primary care practices, focusing on complex patients and underserved populations. Their care teams include a dedicated advocate for each patient and work together to treat the whole person. A team of a doctor, nurse and a Health Coach works with each person. Iora also has their own EHR designed around patients. They created a collaborative care platform to support caring for the whole person, and are always improving it based on feedback from care teams and their patients. Recent updates include patient access to their own records and a place to share notes. They've also built a tool to manage not only an individual's health, but an entire population's.