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MeHI's eHealth Services provides free support to Massachusetts healthcare providers who need to implement Health IT and Meaningful Use (MU).

We offer Health IT toolkits, resources, and personalized Health IT guidance needed for EHR adoption, Meaningful Use (MU) compliance, Privacy & Security protection, and electronic Patient Engagement. Our specialists can provide advice in all these topics.

eHealth Services Model

Our aim is to reduce the complexity of implementing Health IT and enable Meaningful Use compliance. Our assistance paves your way to transform your practice to take advantage of electronic health data.

eHealth Services Model

Why contact our eHealth Services?

By 2017, all Massachusetts providers must be compliant with the health reform laws that mandate the implementation of Health IT and Meaningful Use. Click here to read more on the legislation.  

There are no eligibility requirements to receive support from our eHealth Services. We assist providers in all care settings, including but not limited to Behavioral Health, Long-Term and Post-Acute Care, Primary Care, Home Care, Dental, Community Health Centers, Hospitals, et cetera.

By contacting us, we can enable you to comply with the laws, within the required timelines, and in ways beneficial to your scope of practice. Our support is particularly advantageous if you provide care to Medicare and Medicaid patients. We can advise how to earn incentives for implementing Health IT and avoid penalties that will reduce your Medicare Part B reimbursements by up to 7% to 9%. 

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