Health IT Guidance

MeHI provides a platform of resources and assistance to guide you in implementing Health IT in alignment with your business needs and in adherence to federal and state regulations. Our support is designed to help you interpret the statutes, conduct self-assessments, select the right technology, improve workflows, and organize documents for audits.

Education and Guidance

Federal and state websites list the Health IT regulations and policies, but navigating the dispersed information may leave you wondering what to do. The MeHI website is a resource library that provides practical guidance, interpretations of the regulations, and links to applicable regulatory documents. In addition, our staff is available to provide personalized assistance and guidance.

Health IT Toolkits

Prior to incorporating Health IT solutions, it is important to assess the current state of your practice and evaluate your readiness to adhere to the rules. For this purpose, our EHR, HIE and MU toolkits offer advanced resources and tools to implement Health IT, establish regulatory compliance, and earn EHR incentives. We continuously add new and relevant resources to these toolkits

Meaningful Use Guidance

A successful Health IT solution requires selecting the right technology and redesigning your workflows to effectively incorporate the functionality into your care process. MeHI offers best practices and advice to help you acquire CEHRT, adapt and optimize your workflows, address Meaningful Use standards, connect to an HIE, and reap the benefits of Health IT.

Incentive Application Support

As Health IT projects can be expensive, taking advantage of EHR incentives can make the difference in ensuring return on investment. Since the incentive application process adds more work to a busy practice, our educational resources and Technical Assistance staff can guide you through the eligibility criteria and provide tips on how to apply. 

Attestation and Audit Preparation

To prepare for regulatory audits, it is essential to maintain documentation on how you adhered to the regulations and qualified for incentives. Keeping everything organized will become a significant administrative task. MeHI provides tools, templates, and preparation guidance to relieve this challenge. 

Access to MeHI's Specialists

The MeHI staff can answer questions you may have about Health IT and our services and other support programs. Our staff is easily accessible via a phone call.

If you specifically need Medicaid EHR Incentive Program support, you can receive guidance from our Technical Assistance staff, which is dedicated to support the program participants.  

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