MeHI provides grants, incentives and subsidies to healthcare organizations, providers and other parties that meet the applicable eligibility criteria.

In line with our mission, these funding options focus on advancing the adoption, effective use and development of Health IT in Massachusetts. Funding capital is provided through the eHealth Institute Fund, the 2014 Economic Development bill, grants from the Federal government and other sources.

To apply for a grant, an eligible party must respond to the applicable Request for Proposal (RFP), which requires writing a proposal for the use of the funds within the scope of the RFP and to be submitted by the deadline specified in the RFP.

To receive incentives, applicants must demonstrate eligibility through an application process, which varies depending on the requirements of our incentive programs.

Subsidies are provided by enrolling in MeHI's direct or indirect eHealth consulting services that are contract and fee based, where the subsidies may cover part or all of the fees.


MeHI's issues Grant Solicitation and Procurement RFPs, which are listed on the Apply for Grant Funding page:

  • Grant Solicitations assist the healthcare community with financial incentives, for instance to implement Health IT.  
  • Procurement RFPs procure systems and services, which MeHI needs to support the healthcare community.

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Check Requests for Proposal and funding pages for grants and incentives, and Services pages for subsidized services.


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