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With the progression of electronic information, interest in personal health management has considerably increased. Consumers research health topics online and seek electronic access to their health information to participate in their health care. When providers adopt an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, they can integrate a patient portal, mobile apps and other technologies to remotely engage with patients. Providers can send reminders and monitor whether patients adhere to their care protocols. Patients can ask questions, review instructions, renew prescriptions, and access care resources.

Providers who engage electronically gain a significant advantage, and are better positioned to meet the Meaningful Use patient engagement regulations. However, the exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI) with patients introduces a complicating factor. As per HIPAA and Meaningful Use regulations, PHI data must be secured to safeguard patient privacy. Providers need a strategy to implement engagement tools effectively and securely within their organizations.

MeHI provides access to a solution to assess and improve your patient engagement strategy, track progress, and measure success. 

Patient Engagement Solution

Inquire with MeHI how to obtain licensed access to the Consumer eHealth Readiness Tool (CeRT)™ *. This tool will assist you in designing the strategy and infrastructure needed to securely engage with patients electronically, and to prepare to attest to the Meaningful Use patient engagement and other measures.

CeRT is a comprehensive online tool with functionality to support organizational assessment, analysis, strategic planning, process improvement, real time progress tracking and reporting. It also includes a resource center and other consumer engagement enhancement tools. The built-in strategic and process content can be adapted to your workflows and organizational needs.

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