The Consumer eHealth Readiness Tool™ facilitates the advancement of secure electronic patient engagement strategies. By providing structure and process guidance, CeRT enables analysis, prioritization and decision making to deploy technology and workflows, and reduces the time to establish regulatory compliance. The tool also enables interdepartmental alignment with patient engagement.

Get-Organized Assessment Design

In CeRT, you can define the persons accountable for patient engagement and a team responsible for assessing the organization’s electronic patient engagement roadmap and progress. This team will then use CeRT to evaluate care outcomes versus the technology and organizational infrastructure, and the maturity of your organization along four stages of patient engagement that advance your patients from being informed to partnered consumers.

These stages address consumer education and support, patient access to information, transaction-based forms, and eHealth management. Meaningful Use (MU) flags are included, so you will know which items are included in the current MU criteria, as well as in new recommendations. 

Complete Assessment Management

Time management is essential, given everything on your plate and the limited time granted to meet the regulations. CeRT’s easy point and click format allows your team to complete the assessment in about 60 minutes. Feedback reports are instantly available to determine the next steps.

Review Findings and Opportunities

The CeRT reporting package includes summary, detailed and opportunity reports. The reports enable you to identify areas to target for advancing along the four stages of consumer engagement, and prepare to attest to the Meaningful Use patient engagement measures.

Build Continuous Improvement Plan

Based on root-cause analysis, you can reveal gaps and set priorities for which gaps to tackle first in relation to your infrastructure, organizational culture, human resources and available funding. As each organization is different, CeRT is designed to facilitate the building of a continuous improvement plan without being prescriptive. After you create the plan, you can frequently update your assessments, as you make progress and improve your patient engagement strategy.

Meaningful Use

CeRT enables you to address the patient engagement measures required to attest to Meaningful Use. The information is available through the detailed reports to assist you in responding to CMS audits.

Support Specialists

CeRT is a self-directed tool and comes with online guidance. The MeHI staff is available to answer additional questions you may have.

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