TechSpring @ Baystate Health

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Contact: Jill McCormick

TechSpring is an integral part of Baystate Health, working with leaders across the organization to drive improvements in safety, quality, experience and value using people, process and technology. For five years, TechSpring has served in a match-making capacity, linking Passionate Problems from Baystate Health's leadership to corresponding digital health solutions in the marketplace. We have completed over 70 projects.

TechSpring offers product development acceleration services in a real healthcare environment. We guide innovators through our processes which include:

  • ​Inquiry, discovery, strategy, and team selection
  • Human centered design, iterative testing, learning, and refining
  • Navigating compliance, legal, infosec, supply chain
  • Identifying and capturing value

Once we create alignment with appropriate Baystate stakeholders, companies we partner with have access to the assets of Baystate Health, a 12,500 employee integrated delivery network. TechSpring works for the leadership of Baystate Health to optimize and improve the operations of our health system. TechSpring does not directly engage in academic or clinical research focused on generating generalizable knowledge as defined in HIPAA regulation. Such work is led by Baystate's Sponsored Research Office. This includes access to data for exploration and algorithm development.

We have an experienced team dedicated to product development, whose core job function is to guide the collaboration between healthcare professionals and product innovators through all stages. Our Living Lab (people, process, platform) provides access to the most broadly representative, healthcare innovation ecosystem in the country.

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