MEDTECH Cybersecurity: Elusive but Possible

Join this timely program hosted by NE Healthcare Executive Network to hear about how these leaders of medical device companies and healthcare providers are adapting to the challenges of cybersecurity.   

There is no shortage of discussion about the risks that inadequate cybersecurity poses to today’s healthcare ecosystem. While increasingly prevalent connected devices offer many advantages to patients and clinicians alike, hackers can potentially exploit their vulnerabilities for malicious purposes. 
With connected devices here to stay, why do MedTech manufacturers and healthcare providers consistently struggle with security, and how can this situation be improved?  In this forum, we will explore how primary stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem can develop and leverage devices in a way that provides tighter security against the threat of cyberattacks. Cybersecurity can be daunting and may seem elusive yet, with a holistic approach, it is possible.
Jarman Joerres, Co-Founder of MedAcuity, will be the keynote speaker. He will be joined by a panel of multidisciplinary experts who will explore the root causes of exposure, the implications, and potential risk mitigations that can be employed to prevent patient and business harm.

Program Moderator

Colin J. Zick, Partner, Co-Chair, Healthcare Practice and Chair, Privacy & Data Security Practice, Foley Hoag
Colin's practice is focused on health care, health information, and compliance issues, and often involves the intersection of healthcare delivery and technology. 

Ryan Balise, Information Security Officer, Partners Continuing Care, Mass General Brigham
Ryan is a key contributor to Mass General Brigham’s PCI Compliance, Vulnerability Management, and Information Security policy programs.

David Harlow, Compliance and Privacy Officer, Insulet Corporation
David serves as Compliance and Privacy Officer at Insulet Corporation, with a broad range of responsibilities in the healthcare, data and compliance domains.

Event Info

Date & Time 
Monday, October 5, 2020 - 8:00am to 10:00am