Launch Clinic with Digital Health Startups

Three Digital Health startups will present their pitch for feedback from our panel of experts + the audience.

Launch Clinics are a great place for startups to get constructive feedback on their pitch from a board-of-directors-level panel of experts and thoughtful audience members. The focus on early-stage ventures encourages a sympathetic and supportive atmosphere. Audience and panel feedback often helps presenters understand their problems and offers useful tips and solutions.

Even if you’re not quite ready to present, we encourage entrepreneurs to attend the clinics to see what our panel of experts (investors and others) are looking for in a pitch, what kind of questions they ask, and their suggestions for refining the business plan.

Presenting Startups
Care4Ward Personalized medical nutrition therapy can help you take charge of your cancer treatment.
Rakshit Sharma, Founder and CEO

Patient First is a digital healthcare connectivity platform. It is a cloud-based platform that digitizes medical records and connects the patient, physician, pharmacy, and diagnostic labs in low resourced countries.
Fiza Shaukat, CEO

General Prognostics (GPx)
General Prognostics’ (GPx) therapy response monitoring platform simulates continuous blood biomarker monitoring to identify significant patient status changes on a timely and cost-effective basis. Their proprietary algorithm harnesses the 24/7 sensitivity of non-invasive biomarkers with the high accuracy and easy clinical interpretation of guideline recommended blood biomarkers.
Javier Echenique, CEO

Event Info

Date & Time 
Tuesday, December 8, 2020 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm