CHCF report on Healthcare Accelerators - Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest:

Health Care Accelerators Evolve Toward Specialization

October 2014

As health care accelerators were beginning to take shape in 2012, CHCF published a descriptive report called Greenhouse Effect: How Accelerators are Seeding Digital Health Innovation. Just two years later, the title's double-entendre may have more meaning than it did then. While greenhouses are needed to nurture seedlings until they can flourish in the real world, the "greenhouse effect" conjures artificial overheating of the environment to the detriment of healthy growth. The recent massive proliferation of health accelerators, and the results we have seen so far, suggest that both of these definitions are valid. In other words, there is a tipping point at which too much business acceleration may do more harm than good.

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