The Digital Revolution comes to US Healthcare

Technology, incentives align to shake up the status quo

Healthcare represents the next frontier for the Internet of Things. Remote patient monitoring, telehealth and behavioral modification platforms hold the promise of improving chronic disease management and reducing unnecessary costs. In the latest of our series on the IoT, we highlight private and public players in the emerging digital health field and show real-world applications of how they are changing the healthcare ecosystem.

IoT: Unleashing the power of disruption on healthcare

The emerging field of connected or digital healthcare is rapidly becoming a reality and has the potential to wedge itself into a staid system that has been averse to change. This report aims to show that digital healthcare, though still in early stages of development, can revolutionize the healthcare industry by making diagnosis, treatment, and prevention widely accessible at a fraction of current costs. While we acknowledge that a host of challenges enshroud the development of digital health in complexity, changes in the healthcare reimbursement paradigm (shift to valuebased care from fee for service) alongside advancement in wireless technology have set the stage for significant industry disruption. Further, we focus on chronic disease management as a prime target to benefit from digital health adoption given the high cost (and alternative treatment options) associated with this patient population.

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