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There are 1,700 Digital Health Jobs Open in Massachusetts Right Now

November 26, 2019

Source: editors

With over 1,700 digital health job openings, there’s something for everyone on the Massachusetts Digital Health Jobs Board! These jobs range from entry-level positions at established international firms to senior managerial roles at growing startups. Whether you are looking for a job in Boston, Cambridge, Pittsfield, or somewhere in between, you’ll find what you’re looking for at

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Massachusetts Expands Digital Health R&D Sandbox Program, Adds Sites in Boston, Cambridge, & WMass

November 12, 2019

Source: Massachusetts eHealth Institute at MassTech (MeHI)

The Massachusetts eHealth Institute at MassTech (MeHI) has selected three of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ leading healthcare R&D hubs to join the Digital Health Sandbox Network, which connects Massachusetts-based startups to cutting-edge R&D facilities and allows them the opportunity to apply for funding to test their innovations at one of the Network’s labs.

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How Digital Health Innovations Can Be Women’s Secret Weapon Against Breast Cancer

November 11, 2019

Source: editors

A blog post on some of the most promising digital health solutions coming from Massachusetts to promote early breast cancer detection and improve patient care for those undergoing treatment or in remission. 

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Active Season in the ‘Silicon Valley of Aging’

November 5, 2019

Source: editors

Have you heard about the major wins that took place between the digital health and healthy aging sectors in Massachusetts? Learn more about the recent international aging conference that took place in Boston, plus two big wins at national aging pitch competitions! 

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How an International Organization Plans to Bridge the Digital Health Ecosystems of Boston and Europe

October 28, 2019

Source: Editors

Interview with David Guez, MD, Executive Director Innovation and Scouting and founder of WeHealth Digital Medicine.

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Busting the Successful Startup Founder Myth

October 15, 2019

Source: MassDigitalHealth editors

Massachusetts is a hub for venture capital investment, education, and innovation. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is consistently ranks in the top 10 best cities to start a business. But when it comes to female entrepreneurs, “Women make up more than half of Boston’s residents, yet 1 dollar out of every 23 dollars in commercial bank loans goes to women-owned businesses, while only three percent of venture capital investments go to businesses led by women” (Women Entrepreneurs Boston). 

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Massachusetts: A Hotbed for Healthcare Cybersecurity

October 7, 2019

Source: MassDigitalHealth editors

Ransomware attacks in healthcare are predicted to quintuple by 2021. Massachusetts is playing a leading role in digital health innovation, but also in cybersecurity. October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and to highlight the issue Massachusetts is hosting its first-ever statewide Cybersecurity Week from October 15-18th.

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Behind the scenes at Humana’s new digital health unit in Boston

September 25, 2019

Source: CNBC

CNBC’s Bertha Coombs profiled Humana’s new Boston-based digital health unit, Studio H, and had a one-on-one interview with Humana CEO Bruce Broussard.

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A Lesson in Innovation: How Digital Health in Massachusetts Can Address the "Big 3 Mental Health Afflictions" on College Campuses

September 24, 2019

Source: editors

In 2018, over 90% of college-aged Americans owned a smartphone and looked at that phone nearly 100 times a day. It is clear that the rise in communication technology—especially among the millennial population—has created a digital landscape shaping the way college students interact with the world. 

This constant connectivity empowers digital health revolutionaries to break down mental health care barriers, innovating solutions to the big 3 mental health afflictions on campus: stress, anxiety, and depression.

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MassChallenge HealthTech Launches Applications for 2020 Accelerator

September 10, 2019

Source: MassChallenge HealthTech

MassChallenge, a global network of zero-equity startup accelerators, today opened applications for the 2020 cohort of MassChallenge HealthTech. MassChallenge HealthTech accelerates innovation in the healthcare industry by connecting later-stage, digital health startups with industry champions to address some of our greatest healthcare challenges. Startups that have raised up to $10M in equity-based funding and have generated up to $10M in revenue are invited to apply by October 8, 2019 at 12:00PM (noon) ET.

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