Losing Patience: Why Healthcare Providers Need to Up Their Mobile Game

Hospitals have only engaged less than 2 percent of their patients using mobile apps.

Mobile health app usage has grown rapidly over the past three years and more than half of health consumers (54 percent) would like to use their smartphones more to interact with healthcare providers.  However, the response from healthcare providers has been woefully inadequate. Consumers complain of poor user experience with providers’ proprietary apps and mobile functionality that often fails to meet their individual needs. 

The problem is exacerbated by a marketing sea change called “liquid expectations,” when consumer experiences seep over from one industry into another, creating an expectations chasm. Disruptor healthcare apps are increasingly meeting consumer’s unmet needs and closing that chasm. 

As digital patient engagement becomes the norm and consumers grow discontent with their providers’ lack of mobile services, they could decide to flee to competitors. Providers need to meet consumer expectations by going mobile and creating user experiences unique to the mobile touchpoint to close the growing gap between what’s being delivered and consumers’ ever evolving expectations.

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