Q1. What is the Marketplace?

A searchable, curated directory of Massachusetts-based digital health companies and healthcare provider customers who want to access those technology solutions.


Q2. What is the goal of the Marketplace?

MeHI designed the Marketplace to encourage and support innovation using digital health technologies with particular emphasis on innovation in aging and caregiving.  We believe the Marketplace’s focus on using technology to solve health challenges can:

  1. Help grow the market for digital health companies in Massachusetts; and
  2. Support healthcare providers’ access to innovation and solutions.


Q3. Why the emphasis on innovation in aging and caregiving?

The Marketplace is open to all Massachusetts-based digital health companies.  However, we know that technology can be especially helpful in addressing challenges related to aging and caregiving, and MeHI is focused on helping to achieve Governor Baker’s goals:

  1. To make Massachusetts the "Silicon Valley" for innovative technology, products, and services related to Aging
  2. Leveraging innovation and technology to making Massachusetts the most age-friendly state for people of all ages

           See the goals of the Governor’s Council to Address Aging in Massachusetts


Q4. I represent an ACO, council on aging, non-profit, academic, or other governmental organization, can we still register to use the Marketplace?

Yes. If you are interested in learning about or purchasing innovative digital health technologies for your organization or constituencies, the Marketplace is right for you.


Q5. I am an individual stay-at-home caregiver for my parents. Can I join the Marketplace?

No. The Marketplace is designed as a business-to-business exchange.


Q6. Why should I sign up for the Marketplace?

For Massachusetts-based digital health companies: the Marketplace is one-stop shop for you to present yourself in a comprehensive way to a wide variety of aging and caregiving providers.

For providers or companies looking to use digital health technologies/solutions: the Marketplace makes it easy for your organization to share your problems with an ecosystem of innovative problem-solvers, and find solutions that meet your needs.

Whether you provide adult day health or acute skilled nursing, long-term, or home care, or are a senior center, assisted living facility, or something in between, the Marketplace is designed you help you to find the technology product or service to meet the needs of your organization and the clients it serves.


Q7. What does participation in the Marketplace cost?

Nothing. This is a free service provided by the Massachusetts eHealth Institute at MassTech. All you have to do is register your organization.


Q8. Do I have to be based in Massachusetts to participate?

No. While we are focusing our efforts on Massachusetts companies and healthcare customers, we welcome participation from organizations across the country. If you are a digital health company interested in expanding or relocating to the world's best digital health ecosystem here in Massachusetts, please contact us here.


Q9. Can I buy services directly from the Marketplace?

No, this is designed for you to connect with potential vendors who you can later buy goods or services from. If you do connect with a firm on the Marketplace, tell us about your experience.


Q10. If I sign up will my private company’s financial information be available for the whole world to see, including competitors?

No, financial information is not required as part of the registration process. Also, if you register as a vendor on the Marketplace, your account only allows you to view buyers who have also registered on the Marketplace so other vendors or competitors cannot view your profile.


Q11: I am a customer. Will the Marketplace show me the cost of the technology product or service?

Vendor profiles have a section for cost information. This section is for a vendor to provide insight into their pricing structure. This may or may not include specific information on who pays for the product or service (e.g., health plan, institution, individual). Keep in mind that the information collected in the profile is entered directly by the vendors. If the vendor chooses to opt-out of providing certain information, the field will say “no information provided”. 


Q12: I represent a large healthcare network. My facilities and programs are interested in adopting digital health technologies, but are still in the discovery phase to determine what type of products and services we are looking for. Is the Marketplace a centralized database of all of the digital health products that exist?

The Marketplace is a curated directory of digital health companies, primarily with a presence in Massachusetts. Participation in the Marketplace is voluntary and driven by the businesses. Therefore, not every digital health company in Massachusetts is a member of the Marketplace. As the Marketplace grows, we expect that it will become the primary place for vendors to identify customers' needs and for customers to find a focused list of vendors based on the solutions they are looking for.


Q13. Why should I take the vendor self-assessment survey?

The assessment allows you to easily share your information with potential customers. It is designed to make it easier for customers to understand your product and more effectively interact with you. Also, completion of the survey provides you access to dozens of curated resources tailored to your stage of growth.