Digital Health Company Profiles

Massachusetts digital health companies interested in participating in Track One of the Right Care 4 You Grant Program are listed below. Employers can view their profiles to learn more about the companies and reach out to the listed contact to discuss partnering with a company on a grant application. Concept papers, the first step in the application process, are due January 30, 2020.

If you are interested in listing your company, email Paul Bosco at to create a profile.

2020 On-site

Boston, MA 02110

Primary Contact
Sonali Bloom
(617) 512-1538

Key Strategies Supported:
Improving access to care

2020 On-site is revolutionizing the vision care market by delivering access directly to companies via their state-of-the-art mobile vision clinics. They bring the eye doctor directly to the workplace making it easier and more convenient to get an annual eye exam. Employees receive a comprehensive eye exam and are back at their desks in 30 minutes. In addition, 2020 On-site also partners with the Boston Public Schools providing eye exams and glasses free of charge to students in need. 2020 On-site is interested in partnering with a large company who would like to do a study on the impact of on-site services to health outcomes. 

Buoy Health

Boston, MA 02112 

Primary Contact
Liz Hevenstone
(718) 514-4629

Key Strategies Supported:
Improving access to care; Enhance communications and education 

Buoy is a digital care assistant. When you're sick, Buoy helps you find your way back to health. Log in on your desktop or mobile browser, enter your symptoms, and let Buoy take it from there. First, Buoy helps you figure out what's making you sick - by using algorithms to analyze your symptoms in detail. Next, Buoy helps you decide what to do - whether that means resting at home, seeing a doctor, or something in between. And then, if you need, Buoy can even connect you with doctors nearby. We will measure the success of Buoy in getting patients/employees to the right level of care, including avoiding the ED when a visit is not necessary. Outcomes will include an estimated medical cost savings associated with the redirection.

Healthy Quit

129 Newbury St 2nd Fl
Boston, MA 02116

Primary Contact
Yinka Ojutalayo,
Pharm.D, MBA, BCPS
(978) 342-0132

Key Strategies Supported:
Improving access to care; Revise benefit design

Healthy Quit is a pharmacy and digital health company that provides vaping and smoking cessation. Our solution combines medication management with an AI powered chatbot to ease dependence on nicotine. Our pharmacy also provides medication adherence counseling and medication therapy management (i.e. drug-drug interaction, duplicate medication etc.). We will assess employee’s tobacco quit rate over the course of 3 to 6 months. Adherence to chronic disease medications will be monitored through patient self-reporting as well as pickup/refill rate across pharmacies.


400 Totten Pond Rd, Suite 201
Waltham, MA 02451

Primary Contact
Kim Shah
(617) 834-2025

Key Strategies Supported:
Enhance communications and education

KnowYourMeds (KYM) is a digital health assistant aiming to improve employees (and dependents) health outcomes by improving adherence, preventing medical errors, providing personalized health literacy and potentially predicting adverse effects. KYM pulls adverse effects data from WHO and features disease management protocols from a world renowned clinical advisory board. We make it easy for users to track key health metrics personalized for their indications, to be shared with their doctors at their own discretion. Soon, we will provide personalized news and latest developments relevant to a patient. Our pilot will increase participation in current and planned employer sponsored health and wellness programs - improved drug adherence, self-tracking of key health metrics, scheduling and completing regular checkups, reduced unnecessary ED visits, increased use of telemedicine and urgent care facilities. Increased participation rates will then be used to estimate medical cost savings.


34 Main Street, Ste. 8
Amherst, MA 01002

Primary Contact
Akshaya Shanmugam
(413) 206-9726

Key Strategies Supported:
Improving access to care; Enhance communications and education; Revise benefit design

Lumme is a digital health company developing a clinically validated smoking cessation program. Our program is designed to help employers track outcomes in real-time and measure metrics such as ROI, improvements to productivity, and reduction to healthcare costs. Our solution to smoking cessation is 4x better & 3.5 times cheaper compared to existing options such as nicotine gums, nicotine patches, medication, and individual counseling. Through the program, your employees will have access to Lumme’s smartphone application that can automatically detect when the user smokes, predict when they are most likely to crave for a cigarette and delivers cognitive behavioral therapy to help them quit the habit. Lumme takes care of the on-boarding, launch, and management of the program to help you transform your workplace into a smoke-free environment.

Our pilot will help employers save the extra $ 6,000/smoker they spend every year on higher ED-visits, sick leaves, increased health insurance costs, and reduced productivity. 

SilverCloud Health

50 Milk St 16th Fl
Boston MA 02109

Primary Contact
David Kidd
(781) 929-7870

Key Strategies Supported:
Improving access to care; Enhance communications and education; Revise benefit design

SilverCloud Health will enable employers to reduce presenteeism, absenteeism, low productivity and improve their employee’s care by delivering clinically validated digital mental health care for stress, resilience, depression and anxiety. Standardized assessments given before and after program usage (with data anonymized for privacy) will be used to measure improvement. Research has shown that active engagement in self-management strategies can foster recovery and improve overall well-being. With SilverCloud’s platform, employees can access personalized digital tools anywhere and anytime on computer, tablet, or cell phone, without the fear of stigma or having to wait for an appointment.


1 International Pl 6th Fl
Boston MA 02110

Primary Contact
Geoff Geredien

Key Strategies Supported:
Improving access to care; Enhance communications and education; Revise benefit design

Wellable operates next-generation wellness challenges and health content technology platforms and complements these solutions with on-site services, such as fitness classes, seminars, health coaching, and more. The technology’s flexibility allows organizations to customize and configure a program to meet their needs and objectives while providing a rich experience for end users. Wellable works with employers and health plans of all sizes across the world, with active users in more than 23 different countries. Our pilot program looks to measure the effects of a holistic wellness program on healthcare cost, absenteeism, retention, employee morale, and productivity.


1 Broadway, 5th Fl
Cambridge, MA 02142

Primary Contact
Ramesh Kumar
(857) 383-1574

Key Strategies Supported:
Improving Access to Care; Enhance communications and education; Revise benefit design

Zakipoint data analytics and cost management platform helps self-insured employers (500-8000 employees) realize 3-5% cost savings on healthcare per year and up to 50% higher level of engagement in healthcare programs by:
  • Providing a clearer understanding of future risks in the population
  • Visualizing what is driving healthcare costs
  • Tracking programs and initiatives to report on ROI
  • Running personalized and cohort level communication campaigns to promote programs to the right people at the right time in a personalized manner

Our pilot will help employers identify cost- and risk-drivers and conduct secure personalized SMS and email outreach to steer members to appropriate programs and incentives.