Meet the 12 Massachusetts Companies in the 2020 MassChallenge HealthTech Cohort

January 28, 2020
Source Editors

Earlier this month, MassChallenge HealthTech kicked off their 2020 accelerator program with 27 startups representing some of the world’s most innovative technologies. Throughout the program, they will work to improve the overall patient experience and solve some of healthcare’s massive challenge alongside leading healthcare organizations.

Did you know that 12 of the 27 startups are based in Massachusetts? We are excited that some of the world’s top health tech startups are headquartered in the ‘Commonwealth of HealthTech.’ Learn about these innovative Massachusetts companies engaging in the Boston-based accelerator.

  1. Dock Health, a Boston-based startup, focuses on developing a simple and powerful platform for secure task management, healthcare team collaboration, and better patient care. They are looking to reduce physician and administrative burnout, a pressing issue within healthcare systems.
  2. DynamiCare Health is a startup that focuses on monitoring and rewarding recovery from addiction. This will be their third time participating in the MassChallenge HealthTech accelerator.
  3. EatWell Meal Kits is looking to address food security and diet-related chronic conditions. They want to help patients ease the burden surrounded with healthy eating choices by providing affordable, nutritious meal kits.
  4. Eleos is focused on providing mental health therapists with actionable data to reduce costs and drive treatment outcomes. Check out their website to learn more about their SaaS platform.
  5. Ianacare is looking to support caregivers and address home care for patients. They are building an AI-powered, personalized, and interactive gateway to support non-clinical workers in the industry.
  6. Knot is leading the charge to develop a platform to make case logging effortless and reduce administrative burden.
  7. Marigold Health, a winner from the 2019 accelerator, is one of the few startups in the cohort looking to support patients with substance use conditions. They are developing a platform that includes natural language processing and features text-based support groups.
  8. Are you looking to find easy ways to incorporate yoga or meditation in 2020? Based in Springfield, MA, Ompractice is currently the leading online platform for live and interactive yoga and meditation classes.
  9. Posh is a startup that spun out of MIT and participated in the inaugural MassChallenge FinTech 2019 program. They are looking to automate routine and enterprise communication tasks with human-like bots.
  10. UDoTest is a Boston-based startup that is looking to support laboratories and insurers. They are building a B2B, at-home disease testing platform focused on empowering patients and simplifying personalized screening tests.
  11. Based in Newburyport, MA, Vyasa Analytics is a startup focused on developing scalable, deep learning solutions and software to optimize data analytics. They are powered by AI and they are excited to help organizations gain insights to make better business decisions.
  12. The Working Well mobile app is focused on supporting patients with mental illnesses. They hope to support them with developing skills and establishing daily routines so they can thrive in the workplace.

We look forward to seeing what these leading startups will accomplish throughout their time in the MassChallenge HealthTech accelerator. Want to meet some of these startups? Join them at the first HealthTechies event in Boston on February 13th!