Streamlining Enterprise Sales in Digital Health

Rock Health Report

Authored by: Bill Evans, Managing Director & Sue Shiao, Research Fellow

For digital health startups, it’s increasingly a B2B world—and innovators are acutely feeling the challenges of enterprise sales. Selling to payers, providers, biopharma companies, and others is a tough game across the board. Sales cycles are long, requiring patience and a knack for relationship building. Finding the right buyer in a big organization can be disorienting. And crafting the pitch is tricky when talking to a complex, multi-faceted enterprise customer.

Startups employ a range of tactics to address these challenges—including pilots, creative partnerships, and business model pivots. With so many choices in a complicated landscape, it’s worth asking: What’s working? And why? What can be learned from entrepreneurs conquering enterprise sales? And what insights can enterprise buyers share (and learn) from the other side of the table?

To answer these questions, we conducted primary research with 85 digital health founders and numerous enterprise healthcare leaders to uncover the tactics successful startup teams employ to close enterprise deals.

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